Concept, Vision & Values

PlayBiz’s Concept


  • Is a school readiness guide – a practical online resource that helps parents develop their child’s foundation skills (the super important skills they need for school and beyond) so they enjoy the best start to their school experience
  • Explains what foundation skills are, including the different types and why they’re important for childhood development
  • Provides parents with affordable, accessible and easy-to-use strategies (in the form of both written and video content) so they understand how they can develop their little one’s crucial foundation skills
  • Helps children develop their foundation skills so they’re school ready, in an engaging and fun way
  • Empowers parents with information, knowledge and a sense of camaraderie
  • Assists parents in identifying any difficulties their little miss or mister may be having with their foundation skills
  • Provides a safe, non-judgemental community forum for honest, open discussion about school readiness, foundation skills and parenting in general
  • Strengthens learning environments such as the home or day-care centre
  • Caters to children with varying needs – from those who need to refine their skills before they start school to children who are having difficulty in some foundation skill areas
  • Gives 50% of the membership fee to charity so disadvantaged kids and their families can access much-needed educational programs and resources

PlayBiz’s Vision

PlayBiz’s vision is to strengthen children, families and school communities by providing accessible, affordable and high quality expert content that maximises learning opportunities for children in their crucial early foundation years.


PlayBiz’s Values

PlayBiz believes whole-heartedly in:


  • Providing guided development and learning opportunities for kids (via their parents) that will positively impact their schooling and life in general
  • Giving parents a toolbox of simple, practical strategies for their child’s development that are grounded in credible research and professional expertise
  • Sharing knowledge with the recognition that parents, families and caregivers are the best resource for childhood development


  • Giving everyone access to high quality, expert information, no matter who they are
  • Taking complex occupational therapy concepts and making them easy to understand and easy to use


  • Empowering parents with a clear guide of information, strategies and techniques for developing their youngster’s vital foundation skills
  • Giving parents a better understanding of what’s involved in developing their little one’s foundation skills so they feel more in control of junior’s development and parenting in general
  • Being an advocate for kids aged 3–6 years old, who don’t have the ability to speak for themselves, by providing the tools parents need for their little miss or mister’s development


  • Strengthening the child, family and school community through access to high quality, expert written and video content
  • Creating a sense of community and camaraderie through a forum that allows parents to share their experiences, concerns and questions, and therefore common ground with other parents
  • Reassuring parents that “you’re not alone” and “we’re all in this together”, because it’s the truth and sometimes we need to be reminded of it
  • Giving back to the community through charity and a sense of social responsibility – that you start being a good neighbourhood when you decide to be a good neighbour

Authenticity and honesty