How does PlayBiz work?

Playbiz is a practical online guide that helps you navigate your way through preparing your child to start their school journey. Basically, we give you the tips, strategies and activities you need to develop their essential foundation skills via both written and video content.

It’s really important to us that this information is affordable, accessible and easy to use. That’s why we provide you with a great range of free information to get you started. For example, School Readiness Checklists that outline typical developmental milestones for the different age groups.

Then, by becoming a PlayBiz member for a modest fee, you gain access to even more information, tips and the video demonstrations of our activities.

With PlayBiz, your little one will start school ready to learn in leaps and bounds!

Foundation skills are the building blocks kids need to develop in order to easily learn school-based tasks such as reading, writing, drawing and playing sport. Throughout their school life and beyond, children will continue to build on these super important skills.

Why become a PlayBiz member?

Because the first five years of a young one’s life lasts a lifetime. The more skills they develop and strengthen before they start school, the stronger the foundation that little miss or mister will have to build on.

Plus, we’ve made sure that everything PlayBiz can be incorporated into your everyday using household items, so there’s no need to stress about finding time for yet another thing on top of all of the other things you’re already juggling as a parent!

All of PlayBiz’s resources have been specially designed to make the most of kids’ naturally curious ways. To junior, PlayBiz feels like fun but you know they’re also learning essential skills while they enjoy themselves.

Basically, your youngster will learn through enjoyable play!

What do I receive with my PlayBiz membership?

In addition to our free content, here’s what you’ll gain when you become a PlayBiz member:

  • Access to child development theory, strategies and recommendations that will help develop your little one’s crucial foundation skills (and recognise the areas that might need a little extra attention)
  • Access to video demonstrations of play activities, teachable moments and strategies in the form of:
    • 2 min Play-a-Short videos for specific tasks such as pencil grip and letter formation
    • 10 min Play-a-Long episodes that follow a typical occupational therapy session structure so your scallywag reaps all the developmental benefits
  • Access to the PlayBiz community blog so you can meet other parents who are in the same boat as you and share tips, advice and issues with each other
  • A comprehensive understanding of your child’s development needs and confidence in your role in your youngster’s development
  • Improved bonding opportunities with little miss or mister
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that 50% of your membership fee goes to charity, giving disadvantaged kids and their families access to much-needed educational programs and resources

How much does PlayBiz cost?

Becoming a PlayBiz member costs just $149 and lasts for 3 months. Considering occupational therapy sessions typically cost upwards of $150 per hour, that’s cheap as chips!

This modest fee is an awesome investment in giving your child the best start to their school life (and life life!) and a happy, successful early learning experience.

Added bonus: you can renew your subscription for an another 3 months at the discounted rate of $89 up to 6 months after your membership has come to an end.

See the answer to ‘What do I receive with my PlayBiz membership?’ above for the comprehensive list of everything you gain by becoming a PlayBiz member.

How do I become a PlayBiz member?

We’ve made it super easy, just like being able to fit our strategies and activities into your everyday!

Just head over to our Become a Member page to sign yourself and your little one up to a great assortment of activities, strategies and videos that will help build their crucial foundation skills.

Will PlayBiz help me diagnose my child?

PlayBiz gives you information that will allow you to figure out the specific foundation skill areas they’re strong in and those they may need a bit of help developing further.

All of the PlayBiz written and video content stems from credible research and clinical experience. It has been created with the aim of developing the skill areas that junior may be having difficulty with.

However, PlayBiz is not a diagnostic tool and if you find you have concerns for your child, we thoroughly recommend that you consult a professional expert.

What happens at the end of the PlayBiz membership period?

When your PlayBiz member subscription period has come to an end it’s up to you whether you’d like to re-subscribe for another 3 months at the discounted rate of $89 or use the activities and strategies you’ve learned to keep building little miss or mister’s foundation skills yourself.

You also don’t have to decide straight away: you can re-subscribe at the discounted rate of $89 for up to 6 months after your subscription has ended.

I don’t have a credit card. How else can I pay for my PlayBiz membership?

No biggie – you can also pay by debit card (Visa or Mastercard) or with a PayPal account using our ‘Become a Member’ form.

Can I cancel my PlayBiz membership?

We only cancel PlayBiz memberships when there are extenuating circumstances. If you’d like to be considered for a membership cancellation, please contact us straight away with the details of your legitimate reason.

PlayBiz has the sole discretion for whether a PlayBiz membership should be cancelled.

How does PlayBiz keep my personal information private?

The PlayBiz website is private and secure and we take protecting your privacy and information very seriously. Any information you provide (such as your name and address) is private and other PlayBiz members do not have access to this information.

Have a look at our Privacy Policy to find out more about what we do to protect your privacy.

Will my credit card details be safe if I purchase a PlayBiz membership online?

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How do I change my PlayBiz password?

If you’re logged on to PlayBiz, you can change your password by going to your profile picture on the top menu bar and clicking on Edit Your Profile then Change Password and following the steps. Easy!

I’ve forgotten my PlayBiz password. How do I retrieve my password?

Not to worry, retrieving your password is easy peasy!

First, click on ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ in the log-in window and enter the email address you registered your PlayBiz account with. We’ll then email you a confirmation link you to verify. Follow the steps in the email and hey presto, you can come up with a brand new password