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The first five years of a child’s life last a lifetime.

There’s no other time in a youngster’s life that they’ll absorb information in such a large volume or anywhere near as quickly. In fact, how kids progress during these pivotal years will set the tone for how well they learn and develop at school and beyond.   That’s why it’s important to develop their crucial foundation skills – the building blocks little ones continue to build on throughout their future learning.  

It’s not just limited to what your child learns at primary school but also high school, university or technical colleges, apprenticeships, on-the-job training, professional development, and all the other types of formal and informal learning they’ll experience throughout their life.  

The more skills they develop and strengthen before they start school, the stronger the foundation junior will have to build on. 

PlayBiz will help you create positive learning experiences for your child

PlayBiz can help you help little miss or mister become school ready so they put their best foot forward and have a positive, successful school experience.
So how do we do that?
Basically, PlayBiz provides you with a road map for your youngster’s school-readiness journey, including developing those ever-essential foundation skills.
We help you navigate your way by giving you practical, easy to use strategies, tools and activities for nurturing a school-ready child. Most of all, they’re fun learning opportunities for little miss or mister to enjoy.
Not only do we provide these resources in both written and video form, they’re tried and tested (so you know they’re effective) and stem from research and evidence-based theory (so you know they’re credible). 

What do you receive for becoming a PlayBiz member?

Aside from the reassurance of knowing junior will have a great start to their school journey, here’s the lowdown on what you receive when you become a PlayBiz member:
  • Access to child development theory, strategies and recommendations that will help develop your little one’s crucial foundation skills (while being easy to slot into your everyday!)
  • Access to video demonstrations of play activities, teachable moments and strategies in the form of:
    • 2 min Play-a-Short videos for specific tasks such as pencil grip and letter formation
    • 10 min Play-a-Long episodes that follow a typical occupational therapy session structure so your rascal reaps all the developmental benefits
  • Access to the PlayBiz community blog so you can meet other parents who are in the same boat as you and share tips, advice and issues with each other
  • A comprehensive understanding of your child’s development needs and confidence in your role in your youngster’s development
  • Enriched bonding opportunities with little miss or mister
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that 50% of your membership fee goes to charity, giving disadvantaged kids and their families access to much-needed educational programs and resources

How much does PlayBiz membership cost?

Here at PlayBiz, we want all parents to have access to the information and resources they need to build big, bright futures for their kids.

That’s why we’ve made our fees so affordable!
Membership Type Details Cost
Standard Standard first-time PlayBiz membership for 3 months Only $149
Renewal Renewal of PlayBiz membership (valid for up to 6 months after the end date of your current membership) Only $89

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